I'm Nuxill, and this is my collection of a bunch of things I like and/or have created over the years. If you stick around you'll find my art, my cats, collections of random junk, my very important and noteworthy opinons on various things, and more. Hope you enjoy your stay!

A pixel art animation of a blonde girl reading a book.


06/21/2024: Made a little fanshrine for Homestar Runner! It's not as robust as my Digimon/Vital Bracelet shrine, but I had a lot of fun making it and I hope it shows

06/08/2024: Added a page for my favorite video games under Things I Like. It'll probably be a while before I start doing any writing for it though.

06/06/2024: Lots and LOTS of under the hood HTML cleanup! I also added a Games section so you can read about Nocti and puruse concept art from the initial version.

05/06/2024: I've uploaded two new art pieces in the "other fanart" section of CGs I did for a friend of mine and his DDLC mod, Turquoise. He's made some of my favorite mods in the scene, and this one is probably his best yet.

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