I'm Nuxill, and this is my collection of a bunch of things I like and/or have created over the years. If you stick around you'll find my art, my cats, collections of random junk, my very important and noteworthy opinons on various things, and more. Hope you enjoy your stay!

A pixel art animation of a blonde girl reading a book.


04/26/2023: Is it worth it to put notifications here when I update my blog?? I don't know, but I'm doing it anyway! I made two blog posts recently but they aren't showing up yet...

12/24/2022: Happy Holidays! I uploaded a festive piece of Snake/Otacon artwork!

11/08/2022: Finally made an original art section! I'll work on charcter bios for them at a later date.

11/04/2022: Added a new page to act as an archive for past and future layouts/designs of the site. I also created banner designs for the site! Check them out on the Banners page. :)

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