Last night I finished a pet portrait I've been meaning to get to for the past three weeks. Drawing people's pets is a lot of fun but it always takes me forever to get to them. Executive dysfunction kicking my ass I guess.

Since I finished something that Had a Deadline I spent the day working on a piece of art just because I felt like it. Decided on a fake CG for DDLC because every once in a while I have to feed the brain worms. I don't ever want to work with the larger DDLC modding community again though, and I don't have any ideas for my own mods.

I keep being told by everyone around me that I should do Animal Portraits as a job and/or side hustle because I could make lots of money. I'd rather do stupid shit like make fake DDLC CGs or make a visual novel about Metal Gear Solid characters processing their trauma and pyschological problems and then kissing each other. And Nocti.

Back in the day I tried to market my pet portrait services and never got any attention. I had ugly little flyers that I hung up around local shops with my phone number and email. That was also when I was doing these portraits traditionally with copic markers. Doing portraits like that was the worst and I don't know why I didn't do them digitally in the first place. That was maybe 6-7 years ago? God that feels so weird to say. That's a little less than a third of my entire time being alive.

To board another train of thought, I keep wondering if I should just move the journal entries onto dreamjournal or keep them on neocities. It'd probably be a lot easier to update the journal if it was through a different website, but also if dreamjournal ever went down all of that stuff would be lost. Also using my website means I can have as many icons as I want, with whatever file size I want.

Man I really need to change the font for this website, this is not a good journal reading font is it? Maybe someday... I'd love to spruce up the look of this site but that takes time and effort and right now I'm still burnt out from the first round of development.

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