Morticia is making it VERY HARD to use my desk right now because she's squirming all over my mouse pad and then puts her mouth on me when i tried to pet her. She's also kneading the air, oh my god Squish you're so cute. Except for when you're scratching up my desk.

My Vital Hero should be coming in the mail in the next week and I can't wait. I've got MetalSeadramon right now and the whole Seadramon line is "active" type, which means they go to bed at eight. Who TF goes to bed at eight?? I think I'm also gonna buy some custom wrist straps from etsy because I'm not a huge fan of the blue band. Though it will match my work shirt...

Been working on Nocti the past couple of days. Got a large tree finished and it looks so much better than every other tree I've ever sprited. I think if I can kick myself into gear and do at least 30 minutes to an hour of work every day I can keep to the deadline of December/January for the next update. The hardest part is doing all of the art without going sicko mode and spending 12 hours on one rock.

Speaking of sicko mode, I started drawing another fake DDLC CG. It's another Monika one. The background is kinda cheesy since it's just clouds, but I figure it would be good for a scene on the school rooftop or something. I'm never going to actually use these they're just for fun and to feed my brain worms. They are also definitely not going to posted anywhere near the DDLC modding community because I'm done with that shit lol. Unless one of the four cool people from that fandom want to use them.

I don't know how Satchley uses such thin lines in the DDLC art. It's wizard magic. I'm trying my best but I'm suffering inside.

Current Mood: Tired!!!