I know it's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog/website, but that's because I was busy and feeling overwhelmed by having things to do and also... Helping my boyfriend move in next door!! Wow!!!! Ahhh!!!! Amazing!!!!

He's actually here! He's actually moved in! The moving in process isn't completely over, there's still some books and furniture to bring from his parent's house, and he's been using my inflatable bed right now, but he's here, and it's so lovely having him so close to me every day.

You might be wondering why he didn't just move in with me, but I live with family and our condo would not be able to accommodate another person. Besides, we're already breaking the rules by having 3 cats instead of 2... don't want to add another one to the mix.

I've been working on Nocti slowly since I last posted. Got burnt out by the tree tileset so now I'm working on an underwater world. I'm feeling good enough to get back to the trees soon but I'm realizing how foolish I was to make so many custom tiles when I could have optimized things and made it so much easier on myself. Hindsight is 20/20!! I don't think I'm going to make my self imposed deadline, but I'm going to try. Even if I'm off by a few months Nocti will still be halfway done in 2023, and I assume I'll have the whole thing finished by.... 2025 at the latest?? Maybe sooner depending on factors beyond my control.

I've also... highly considered leaving my job soon. I'm scared about doing so because I've never really left a job before. I don't jump around a lot but corporate has made it kind of unbearable with how thin they're spreading us. We need more people on the floor but of course we don't have the "budget" for it, whatever that means. It's a stupid arbitrary rule that was made just so they can more money from us. I like working at my job! I even like working customer service! I just don't like how people have to wait in long lines while I desperately try to call for help but can't because everyone else is with customers while I'm attempting to find a receipt for some old lady who wants to return a landline phone.

If I quit my job I'll likely try to get work doing portraits of people's pets. It's easy work and pays really well, it's just hard getting a consistent stream of customers. Also I really really really like my store discount. So maybe I won't quit my job juuust yet. At least not until I can buy some stuff for my boyfriend. 

Okay I think this has been enough blabbing for one blog post! I'm signing off.

Current Mood: Satisfied!