I'm having trouble writing anything for my story at the moment, so I figured this would be the perfect time for a new journal entry.

The story is currently at 17,600 words and I'm on page... 45. I'm at a pivotal scene where the main character divulges important information about himself to a character which will eventually lead to a change in dynamic between him and the love interest. It and the new character weren't in the original draft of the story so it's been fun and slightly frustrating figuring out how I want to approach writing them. The scene is about halfway done but I can't focus on anything today.

Nocti work is still going very slow. I started working on the graphics for the blue orb location. Of course I had to give the area diagonal walls. UGHHH you don't know hell until you have to figure out what rules you're going to use to keep things consistent. Making a doorway that connects to the floor moulding is harder than you'd think. I'm still avoiding my desk. I have plans to get something that's manually adjustable from the Home Depot like my boyfriend got. That should hopefully help my shoulder. I might also like working while standing up too. I used to do that a lot in college with my traditional art. Once the ocean world is done and the orb is implemented I'm going to probably try to catch up with the mountains of eventing that I need to do. Idk if I'll release a new update with just one orb but it has been... two or three years since I last updated the itch.io files. I can at least make an update about it.

It's been miserable and rainy for the past couple of days and I think that's been tanking my mood. It's also making my knees ache. Damn you barometric pressure, you bastard. It's still getting dark too early for my tastes, and it makes me want to not go outside at all. I need outside!!! I wanna touch grass! But not when that grass is sopping wet.

There are lot of things I want to do with my website but I just haven't had the energy for it. I'm kind of throwing everything into the story atm but I'd like to write some things about my Thoughts and Opinions. Idk if anyone would read it but I'd have fun making it, and isn't that what neocities sites are all about?

Current Mood: Sleepy