Another journal entry? So soon? Yes indeed!

My heart palpitations are acting up today. Even with medication I still get them from time to time. I'm not hungry so I'll probably just drink a glass of water and chew gum to get my mind off of things. Heart palpitations suck. They make getting things done even harder than usual. I meant to work on my story but while in anxiety mode I got distracted by Youtube Shorts. I'm glad I have enough self control to not download Tiktok. I think that App would ruin my life. My attention span already sucks, I don't need to make it worse. Thankfully I got myself out of the social media black hole and I'm using this journal entry as a way of warming up for my writing session.

Writing has been... extremely slow as of late. I got stuck at a part that wasn't in the original and I was dreading having to write it out. I realized I could cut the scene and have things happen "off camera" like in the original and it would be more in character for the MC anyway. It has the added benefit of creating a nice contrast for later scenes. I should trust past me more.

I've also been pretty slow working on my backlog of DiM Cards on the BE. Codex progress doesn't carry over from the Hero to the new bracelet so I'm starting from scratch. Not the end of the world, I didn't get far on the Hero anyway. Having more Digimon to raise at once has also sped things along... or at least it did until right now. Usually I do two or three rounds of a DiM before I switch to another one. I don't want to grind out an entire DiM and get sick of the mons. However I started Blizzard Fang and I have a bad type matchup against the final adventure with my Hexeblaumon. I want to get another Mega with a different type but I also don't want to run it again until I fix some sprites. I've gotten addicted to editing the sprite sheets to fix Bandai's mistakes, and Blizzard Fang really got the short end of the stick imo. The ones that need the most tlc are Frigimon and both Mammothmons. Frigimon looks like it was done by the artist of the Parrotmon sprite, regular Mammothmon needs tweaking to head and Skullmammothmon's shading style is drastically different from every other DiM Card sprite. There are other sprites that have a softer, not-really-pixel-art shading style but Skullmammothmon somehow ended up with a completely different light source? It almost feels like pillow shading, and I won't stand for it.

Hours were cut at work for the month, so I'm going to have plenty of time to get these guys done, ha ha.... ha....

The guy who does scheduling said things would go back to normal next month. There usually is a dip in hours around this part of the year, but our "hourly budget" has already been slashed thin, this is not helping at all. Hooray for capitalism!!!

It's also not great that most of the people in one particular section have either left the job or... got escorted out of the building by police. You think you know a guy, and then it turns out he's been stealing from the company for months and abusing his employee discount. Our job's not perfect, but it's not worth it to steal. Especially because our company has been on high alert since the holidays. I don't know what goes through people's minds when they do things like this. I mean, I know why people steal, I'm not going to argue against it. I fucking hate corporations as much as the next guy. But you gotta be really stupid to think you can get away with it. Maybe he thought because he made the company a lot of money they would look the other way? Nah man, it's a corporation. They don't care.

I could rant on and on about my company and share more juicy gossip, but it's nearing 2PM and I need to start writing or I'm not going to get to any of the work I wanted to do. Until next time.

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