Family decided it was time for spring cleaning, yay!! I spent at least 5 hours working on the kitchen and hallway and now I'm wiped out and my hip hurts.

While working I decided to put on some NOW CDs I picked up at a second hand shop, and I'm glad I did. I have 5 and 7, which came out when I was about... 9-11 years old? It's nostalgic as hell. At that point of my life I'm pretty sure I was almost exclusively listening to Radio Disney still because I didn't want to listen to music with cursing in it. I'm also learning about songs I definitely skipped over at that age.

Only slightly related, but I kept wondering who Mystikal sounded like, and I've decided that it reminds me of DMX. And now R. Kelly is playing, so we've got back to back artists who went to jail on rape charges. Fun!

According to Google it appears R. Kelly sang "I Believe I Can Fly"! I never knew that.

I started working on a small Tamagotchi-like game as a side project. It was originally going to be made in RPG Maker, but now It's being developed in Unity with C#. I've got a teacher helping me learn how to code but HOO boy I don't understand a lick of code. All I know is colons are the code equivalent of saying "is a" in a sentence. I've picked up bits and pieces of code logic from using various programs and working on HTML but I don't think I'm going to actually begin to dig into it until I can "translate" even more of it into English. I guess that's called the Syntax?

Obviously it's going to take more than two hours to become competent in a brand new skill, espcially coding. But I need to know how the sausage is made!!!

At least learing anything about code and unity will be great for whenever RPGMaker Unite comes out. I'll be bouncing around the program and supplementing the code with my own knowledge like a pro. Nocti is too big to port to any other engine so it'll have to be for my other million RPG ideas.

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