I honestly think I'm one of the luckiest people in the entire universe. I went though most of my life not caring about romantic relationships, all but confirming to myself that I was aroace, and then when I realized I wasn't and came to terms with who I was, the perfect boyfriend just kinda... fell into my lap lol.

It's been three years and some change now. I remember when I typed out my message to them at 4 in the morning, hands sweating, heart pounding, waiting in agony for a response. And then it turned out they had been harboring a huge a crush on me too! What were the chances!! I am so so SO lucky that I fell back into Metal Gear Solid because if it wasn't for that series I wouldn't have figured myself out or met them.

I wish Neocities did not show you your follower count or have an update feed. I made a website to get away from social media stuff, so seeing a bunch of people I follow constantly gaining followers while I lose one is... I mean, I can't expect people to stick around when I don't post art for months on end and just tinker away on stuff that only matters to me... but that's the point of the website!! It's stuff that I care about, and if other people like it too that's a sweet bonus. Don't take this as complaining, I just don't see how we're taking back the web when the feed makes things feel like a more customizable Tumblr. That's not... a bad thing, but it's not what I want.

And now thinking of that has led me to remembering that CSP 2.0 is no longer just liscence based and instead connects to your internet... what a fucking disgrace. My Wi-Fi is fine; if I upgrade it won't be an issue. It's the principle of the thing. I would rather just have a one and done code instead of having to stay connected to the internet to use a product. It's not really my product anymore if there's conditions where I can't use what I paid for. I'm planning on getting a new main drive soon so if I can't find that code I'll have to upgrade... ughhh I hate captialism I hate money I hate everything. I would move to Krita if the layout and shorcuts weren't so completely different from anything I've ever used before. I guess if it comes down to it I can find a way to sail the seven seas, argh.

Suddenly got super sleepy... I don't want to take a nap, I need to exercise so I can get some trophies for Lavoromon because I've accidentally rolled over on the evolution timer twice and now he only has 11 hours left to get trophies... I was shooting for Flaremon but Lavormon's win rate is garbage and it'll take too long to get it back up.

I'm still working on Parrotmon in between working on Nocti and then after the Mammothmon fixes I'm going to start doing some custom digimon. Someone has already done sprites for a 25th anniversary DiM but I'd like to throw my hat into the ring, or at least make V2-V5 DiMs. It'd feel weird to make all those and not the first one, but that might just be a personal one so I don't step on any toes.

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