Sometimes I'll wonder why I feel like dog-shit and then I'll take my meds, drink water for the first time that day and then put on my glasses and I'm like... oh. It keeps happening! You'd think I'd learned my lesson by now. 

A particular YouTube short keeps showing up in my... feed? I don't know what YouTube calls it. It's a picture of a kitten in a sink and it's labeled "kitten blender" or something like that. I have never watched the short all the way through and I don't intend to, and if it's the video I think it is I do not know WHY it is being shown in my, or anyone else's feeds. I can only hope that it's a fake out or a joke but I don't trust social media and the algorithm enough, and I know the poor underpaid PTSD riddled employees who get forced to wade through the darkest parts of humanity can't catch everything right away. 

Am I paranoid? Perhaps. But I did my time in the gore mines in high school. I can still see the head on a pike I stumbled across during my time of old internet clear as day. I do not want to be fed more slop by a machine that also sends me down transphobic racist rabbit holes if I watch one video for a little too long because I can't tell if the person is going to make a good point, is misguided, or cloaking their hatred in respectability politics. 

Now Tumblr is copying twitter's layout and there's rumbling about getting rid of blog customization. Not to mention the lawsuit they were in for disproportionally taking action against LGBTQ+ users and content during the porn ban. Please, everyone just came to Tumblr to escape twitter, don't make us leave now. I've been there since 2011, but if it gets any worse than this I'll just have to figure out rss feeds and be done with it.

I've got work in a few minutes but I really really don't want to go. They're grading me on getting memberships, positive surveys and credit card sign ups now, and I so far I haven't met my goals at all. I want to make light conversation with customers and send them on their way with their hugely marked up products. I know customers hate when I ask them all these questions. I hate it too!!! It's not my fault!!! Let me out of the capitalism machine!! Please!!!!!

Current Mood: Ready to Just Walk Out