Vital Bracelet Modding

Let's Begin

Turn your VBBE off and plug it in to charge. Place your Micro SD card into the device "upside down" so the notch on the card is facing up and the pins are visible. The diagram below shows the VBBE as on, but this is just to demonstrate proper orientation.

Diagram of a Vital Bracelet showing which direction the Micro SD card should be placed.

Once you have inserted the SD card, turn the VBBE back on. You'll see a screen that says Waiting as if you had inserted a new DiM/BEM card. If everything goes well, the screen will change to show the version number of the update installed.

If you used the "VBBE_99F.vb2" file, it will show a failed screen with the error E02. If this shows up after the waiting screen finishes, it means the patch to wipe your previous version was successful. Then you can take the VBBE_99F file out of your Micro SD card folder and replace it with the VBBE_(VERSIONNUMBER)* file, and start the process again from the beginning of this section.

*(VERSIONNUMBER) is a stand-in for the current version of the firmware, as it is updated periodically. At the time of this guide, it is Ver.2.0.A.