My Pets

Over the years I have owned a lot of pets, and like any good pet owner I'm just dying to show off my "fur babies" to anyone who dares look in my direction. This page is a "best of" gallery for my current pets and a shrine for the pets that have passed on.


Born: Late June, 2009
Likes: Food, knocking things off the counter.
Dislikes: Being Brushed.

Gollum is the oldest cat in the house, and the one we've had for the longest period of time. He came to us at three weeks old as a package deal with his mom, Gracie. He's VERY food oriented and loves to stick his head in your business just to get a taste of what you're eating, especially if it's peanut butter or cheese. He goes after so many things that it'd probably be easier to just list off the foods he doesn't like. He also loves to poke and prod you an hour before mealtime in the hopes that he'll annoy you enough you'll give in and feed him early.

Despite his age and love of people food, Gollum is surprisingly healthy. His biggest issue right now is that he has some sort of kitty arthritis, which we are giving him meds for.


Born: Probably 2017
Adopted: February 2019
Likes: Slow blinking, headbutts, windbreakers.
Dislikes: When you walk towards him a little too quickly.

Just like his namesake, Gomez is a total romantic. He's still a little skittish towards us, but when he's comfortable all he wants is to be adored. He loves to sit on top of the cat tree next to our sliding glass door and watch people pass by. Gomez is a very vocal cat, but he doesn't meow so much as force out the cutest of squeaks when he wants attention or when you're about to pet his head. No matter how much we brush him (several times a day!) he's still constantly shedding, so you'll always know where his favorite lounging spots are because of they're covered in patches of black fur. He's also strangely obsessed with windbreakers and heavier jackets that have a similar material.


Born: Probably 2018
Adopted: February 2019
Likes: Chewing the corners of furniture, head scratches, getting the zoomies.
Dislikes: When you stop petting her.

Unlike Gomez, Morticia is nothing like her namesake. She's an alien dressed in a kitty costume. She loves to chew on the corners of any furniture she can jump on, forcing us to put baby protectors on everything. She also likes to scratch the sides of our couches despite me putting cat trees in front of them. Sometimes she'll scratch the cat trees and THEN go to scratch the couches. Thanks tish. Morticia is also the most vocal of the group, especially when she wants attention. She'll just meow and meow until you start petting her, and then when you stop for a second she'll start meowing again. She'll also poke you with her paw to get you to pet her if she's close enough. She's my stinky little wormy girl and I wouldn't have her any other way.

🌈 Gracie

Lived: 2008ish to Late 2018
Adopted: Late June 2009
Liked: Being cuddled, grooming her boy, hunting toy mice.
Disliked: Rustling plastic bags.

Gracie's full name was "Gracie Grace Gracen Melstone Poppins", and she was practically perfect in every way. We fostered her with 3 week old Gollum and another kitten who sadly didn't make it.

She was technically a feral when she was rescued, having spent about a year in the wild, so it took a while for her to get used to being with people. Once she let her guard down she became the ultimate lap cat, always hungry for a vacant pair of legs to settle on. Near the end of her life she even started headbutting us when she wanted to be pet. She was my mom's designated cat and their nightly ritual was gracie jumping into her arms in bed and purring like mad until it was time to sleep.

🌈 Saya

Lived: ??? to Late 2018
Adopted: early 2010
Liked:Waiting for me to get into bed, peeing while standing up, feather toys.
Disliked: Sneak attacks from Holly.

I first saw Saya at the animal shelter I was volunteering at during college summer, and I knew I had to have her. I had gotten really attached to the kitten that had passed away while we were fostering Gracie and Gollum, and imagined her growing up to look exactly like Saya did. She soon became my designated cat and followed me around everywhere. She would hear when I was getting into bed and rush into the room and flop down next to me until I fell asleep. Saya was also an incredibly slow eater and feeding the cats took twice as long as it does now because I would have to constantly make sure Gracie and Gollum didn't go after her bowl. Unfortunately she had a kidney disease and eventually got so weak and skinny that we had to say goodbye. I'm getting a little misty eyed just writing this, haha.

I changed to cat litter from clay to something easier to lug around and Saya protested by no longer peeing in the litter box. It took me forever to figure out that the litter was the problem, and we had to throw out a lot of furniture thanks to her. It's okay Saya, I'm not mad. I'll always love you.

🌈 Holly

Lived: ??? to late 2010
Adopted: December 2009
Liked:Chewing on napkins, sleeping in our towel cabinet, jumpscaring Saya.
Disliked: When we got a new pet-proof trashcan.

We got Holly after the kitten Gracie was taking care of passed away, because Gracie was obsessed with my mom and Gollum was claimed by my sister. So we saw Holly during an adoption day set up by a nearby shelter and decided to get her. She was a little overweight at first because she'd been in a cage for a while, and I used to call her my "Big Fat White Thing"

She started to rapidly lose weight, and we found out that it was because she had extensive tooth decay and needed them to be pulled. We were fine with shelling out the money for an emergency operation, but then after bloodwork was taken it was also found out that she had extensive kidney damage and having her be put under for surgery would likely kill her. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye, and even though my time with her was short we all loved her a lot.